Your Utility Bills Are Funding Anti-Environment Lobbying. Take Action.

Speak up to help stop this violation of the First Amendment.
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Electric and gas utility companies — many of which cling to dirty fossil fuels instead of embracing the transition to renewable energy — are forcing their customers to finance anti-environment trade groups. Not only is this practice a disaster for the climate, but it also violates our First Amendment rights.

The Center for Biological Diversity is taking legal action. Will you help by sending a comment to federal regulators?

Current accounting systems allow utilities to charge customers for the costs of financing anti-environment trade groups. These groups litigate against pollution standards, train utility executives in combating clean energy policies, and work to undermine protections for wildlife and the environment.

In 2021 the Center filed a petition to ensure that shareholders, not customers, pay industry association dues. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is now considering how it should change its rules to address the longstanding problem of customers’ money bankrolling trade groups engaged in political activity.

Tell the commission you don't want your money funneled, without your knowledge or permission, to special interests that are stifling the transition to clean energy.

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