Wyoming: Protect Thunder Basin's Prairie Dogs

A whole ecosystem rides on their health.
Prairie dog
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Following pressure from the livestock industry, the U.S. Forest Service has proposed allowing the poisoning and shooting of prairie dogs in Wyoming's Thunder Basin National Grassland. This would be a terrible move that does serious harm to the area's wild web of life.

Not only are prairie dogs adorable and fascinating, they're vital to the survival of endangered black-footed ferrets, burrowing owls and other rare grassland animals. They're an important food source for animals higher up the food chain. And the homes that prairie dogs dig are reused by other species.

Without these seemingly humble creatures, a proposed reintroduction of endangered ferrets at Thunder Basin has a much more limited chance of success.

Please tell the Forest Service to protect, not poison, these precious prairie dogs.

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Photo of prairie dog in Wyoming by Kevin Baird/Flickr.

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