Wolves Need Your Voice

Tell the Biden administration to return their protections before more are slaughtered.
Wolf cubs
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After the Trump administration removed federal Endangered Species Act protection from wolves across the country last year, states wasted no time scheduling hunts.

This winter, in Wisconsin, trappers set painful leghold traps and strangulation snares to snag their trophies. Hunters released packs of dogs to chase down wolves. More than 200 wolves — about 20% of the state's wolf population — died in just three days.

More brutal hunts are planned for this fall in Wisconsin and could happen in other states, too. 

It's up to President Biden and his new leadership at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to take action. Tell them to reinstate Endangered Species Act protection for wolves.

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Photo of gray wolf pups by Hilary Cooley/USFWS.

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