Wolf Pups to Be Killed in Dens, Bears Baited and Shot

National preserves and even Kenai National Wildlife Refuge could become killing fields for Alaska's wildlife.
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Gray wolf

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Gruesome new plans for killing wildlife in Alaska were announced just days ago.

They'll lead to more wolves and pups being killed in their dens — and even allow bears to be baited, then shot in Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

There's no way we can let that happen. We're already mobilizing to stop it.

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Donald Trump and his Interior Secretary David Bernhardt could soon turn Alaska's national preserves into trophy-hunter amusement parks.

Their new proposals would let brown bears be shot at baiting stations in Kenai, and more wildlife could be trapped inside the refuge.

Kenai is rich in biodiversity, home to moose, eagles, brown and black bears, lynx, wolves and other species.

But the administration envisions so much trophy hunting there, it's calling for more use of game carts for hunters to haul off their prizes.

Those prizes are wildlife, and they belong in the wild. They should never be slaughtered on public lands, especially in places designated to protect biodiversity.

Trump announced the removal of bans limiting hunting and trapping in Alaska's 10 national preserves, which will result in more slaughter of wildlife.

These new plans come just weeks after an egregious proposal to open dozens of national wildlife refuges across the country to expanded hunting of bears, bobcats, mountain lions and many other creatures.

The last thing we need is to open up wildlife refuges to more hunting and trapping.

We're going to fight back with all we've got. Double your gift to the Saving Life on Earth Fund through May 31.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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