Wildlife-Killing Contests Must Be Banned — You Can Help

It's time to stop killing contests on U.S. public lands.
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Red fox and pup

Hi Everyaction,

At one contest, a fox weighing under seven pounds earned its killer top prize for smallest animal.

At another, a team of two trophy hunters won cash for killing 52 foxes and coyotes in 45 hours.

These mass slaughter contests are cruel, wasteful, and ecologically harmful — and we're fighting to end them for good.

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All told, thousands of carnivores — from coyotes and foxes to bobcats, mountain lions, and even wolves — are killed at these grisly events. Cash or other prizes are awarded to participants who kill the most, largest and even smallest animals.

And animals who aren't supposed to be hurt, like family dogs or endangered species, are put at risk of being shot or trapped, too. More than 20 dogs have been killed across the United States and Canada because they were mistaken for coyotes.

We've gone state by state to shut down these slaughter contests — and we've won.

Our grassroots activism has shown how unethical the contests are and helped call a halt to them in Washington, Maryland, Arizona, and California, among other states: So far eight states have outlawed them.

Now we're urging Congress to pass legislation that would ban the contests on public lands nationwide — more than 500 million acres.

Wildlife-killing competitions are morally reprehensible. And they destroy healthy ecosystems, in which all native wildlife species play important roles. The mass slaughter of wildlife should never have been allowed on public lands.

The time has come to consign these kill-fests to history.

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For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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