Why Did the Mountain Lion Cross the (10-lane) Road?

Join us this week for a conversation about protecting wildlife corridors.
Southern California mountain lion
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The Center's Urban Wildlands program works to halt sprawl development to make sure big cats and other wildlife have the space and connectivity they need to thrive for the long term. Development in vulnerable interface areas increases fire risk and air pollution, and it dangerously isolates populations of wild animals.

We've made a lot of progress this year in gaining greater protections for California's mountain lions and halting several harmful projects.

Join me on Thursday, Oct. 15, for our next Saving Life on Earth webinar to learn more about the Center's work to protect California's mountain lions and wildlife corridors.

The presentation will feature our Urban Wildlands staff attorney J.P. Rose and wildlife-corridor expert and senior scientist Dr. Tiffany Yap.

The hour-long webinar starts at 4 p.m. PT / 7 p.m. ET. Register here and check your email for the link to join.

Tierra Curry

Tierra Curry
Senior Scientist
Center for Biological Diversity

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Photo of Southern California mountain lion courtesy NPS.

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