West Coast Orcas Endangered by Military Sonar

Take action to rein in the U.S. Navy's war games.
Southern Resident killer whale and calf
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The alarming decline of endangered West Coast orcas continues.

Despite the fact that only 73 individuals remain and another orca was recently declared missing and presumed dead, the U.S. Navy's moving forward with a plan for seven years of war games in their habitat. The military's proposal calls for surface and underwater warfare, explosives and bursts of sonar along the California, Oregon and Washington coasts.

These activities can deafen and kill marine mammals, as well as mask vital sounds needed for communication and feeding. In this case the Navy is seeking a permit to harm and harass these animals up to 2 million times over the next seven years.

Act now to urge the National Marine Fisheries Service to protect West Coast orcas and other marine mammals from deadly war games.

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Photo of Southern Resident killer whale and calf courtesy NOAA.

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