Webinar Series: Facts and Fiction About Grass-Fed Beef

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Cattle grazing is a controversial and often confusing topic that's tied up with issues like biodiversity loss, the climate crisis, food sovereignty and colonialism. 

That’s why the Center for Biological Diversity is hosting a webinar series called “Grazing the Wild: Facts and Fiction About Grass-Fed Beef” with expert panelists to get to the bottom of the controversies — and cut through misinformation about what cattle grazing does to the planet.

We kick off the series March 23 with our first panel, “Habitat-Fed Beef: Separating Facts from Fiction in Grass-Fed and ‘Regenerative’ Beef,” featuring ecologists and researchers Tara Garnett, Nicholas Carter and Chris Bugbee. On April 7, check out our panel “Cows, Climate and Culture Wars: Putting Bad Policy Out to Pasture” with climate scientist Jonathan Foley, environmental scientist Matthew Hayek and agricultural economist Silvia Secchi. And in May, we’ll host a panel called “Decolonizing Regenerative Agriculture and Boosting Agroecology to Build a Just Food System” with food producers and agroecologists. The details of that panel are coming soon.

I’m excited to talk to these researchers, ecologists, farmers and economists to bring diverse voices into conversations usually led by beef producers. It’s an important step in protecting wildlife, advocating for smarter climate policy, and clarifying the stance of the environmental movement on grass-fed beef. 

All the webinars are free, but you need to register to reserve your spot. I hope to see you there.

For the wild,

Jennifer Molidor

Jennifer Molidor
Senior Food Campaigner
Population and Sustainability Program
Center for Biological Diversity

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