We're in Court Today to Save Wolves

Gray wolves need full protection under the Endangered Species Act.
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Gray wolf

Hi Everyaction,

Just days before last year's election, Trump and his anti-wildlife allies announced gray wolves would be stripped of Endangered Species Act protection across most of the United States.

Today we get our day in court to reverse that cruel move.

Our battle for wolves won't stop until their protection is fully restored and they're back on the path to recovery.

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The past year has shown us, in tragic and horrifying ways, that these loyal, pack-oriented creatures remain persecuted almost wherever they roam.

Wisconsin held its first wolf hunt in years, wiping out more than 20% of its wolf population. Trophy hunters there pushed for a second hunt to take out even more wolves.

Idaho and Montana have bulldozed ahead with ways to make it easier to kill wolves, like chasing them with snowmobiles and expanding the use of painful snares. Oregon just killed several wolf pups.

And Minnesota is currently updating its wolf plan — a hunt there next year remains possible.

These hunts must be stopped and federal protection under the Act restored.

The decision to strip wolves of protection was a political one, not based on science or on the long-term welfare of this keystone species. That's what we'll be arguing in court today.

Wolves can recover fully across the lower 48, if we just give them a chance.

This effort is critical and strikes at the heart of our decades-long work to save species on the brink of extinction.

We won't stop fighting for wolves, but we can't do it alone.

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For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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