We're in Court Today to Save Idaho's Wolves, Lynxes and Grizzlies

Idaho's war on wildlife can't be allowed to succeed.
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Gray wolf

Hi Everyaction,

Idaho wants to allow wolves be killed while denning with their pups — and up to 90% of the wolves in the state could be wiped out.

It's a heartless escalation by those who wish to eradicate wolves.

So today we're in court to stop it.

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Idaho has become ground zero for the war on wolves.

Wolf-hunting is now allowed year-round in nearly all of the state. There are no limits on how many wolves one person can kill.

And with Idaho approving the use of more painful strangulation snares, federally protected bears and lynxes could be harmed and killed, too.

Idaho will pay out more than half a million dollars to kill wolves — and private contractors will do the dirty work.

We took immediate legal action to challenge these cruel laws, and today we stand up in defense of wolves, grizzlies and lynxes.

We're fighting for wolves in Idaho and throughout the northern Rockies on many fronts.

We've filed an emergency petition and are pressing the administration to immediately protect wolves there.

We've asked the Interior Department to strip Idaho and Montana of the federal money they're given for wildlife management because of their war on wolves. And we filed for a temporary restraining order to halt all wolf trapping in grizzly bear habitat in Idaho.

The state has a legal and moral responsibility to protect wildlife like bears and lynxes — not make it easier for them to be killed in its vengeful war on wolves.

These creatures have a right to live without the constant threat of gunshots, traps and destruction.

This is the work we do every day, and we need you with us.

Please give today to the Saving Life on Earth Fund.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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