We Must Stop Idaho's Wildlife Slaughter

Idaho has approved wolf-killing on a scale we’ve never seen. We're fighting back.
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Gray wolf

Hi Everyaction,

In a single 12-month period ending last summer, a record-breaking 570 wolves were trapped, hunted and killed in Idaho.

Thanks to a new bill signed by the governor, twice that many could be taken out this summer alone.

We've taken action against Idaho's wildlife management. We must do all we can to save wolves and other endangered species.

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Idaho wants hunters and trappers to kill an unlimited number of wolves year-round and run down the animals with ATVs and snowmobiles.

It will leave a gruesome trail of death, one that will stain Idaho as the state where wolves go to die. Up to 1,300 wolves could be killed.

So we've asked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to disqualify Idaho from receiving federal funding for wildlife management.

We won't sit idly by while Idaho provides a blueprint for other states that want to eradicate wolves.

This is why the fight to stop the extinction crisis requires bold thinking and action.

You can't stop extinction while encouraging the hatred and killing of any species. We’re in court to restore wolves’ federal protection — just as we're fighting to save hundreds of other species under the Endangered Species Act.

Our team of scientists, lawyers and activists is working every day to save wildlife, from big cats in Florida and California to the Sierra Nevada red fox, Hermes copper butterfly and hundreds of others.

We've been fighting to stop extinction for three decades, and now we need you with us more than ever.

Please help today with a matched gift to the Saving Life on Earth Fund.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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