Utah: Help Stop the Uinta Basin Railway

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Stop the Uinta Basin Railway


Fueled by nearly $28 million in public funds, the proposed Uinta Basin Railway is being pushed ahead in northeast Utah. But it's not too late to stop this dirty project, which could quadruple oil extraction in the region.

Construction of the 85-mile railway itself would cause serious harm. But the new drilling and fracking it would lead to would be even more catastrophic. The region's air, water, wildlife and lands would all suffer, and the greenhouse gases unleashed would worsen the climate crisis.

Despite the scale of the project and its many harms, public awareness is generally low and heavily skewed by a million-dollar PR campaign. That's why we launched a new website where you can learn the truth about the project and add your voice to stop it.

Visit our new website to learn more and sign the petition to stop the Uinta Basin Railway.

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