Trump: The Arctic Is Not Yours to Sell

The Trump administration is rushing to sell off the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, but we’re in court to stop it.
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Trump is hell-bent on rushing through oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He set a date, at a record pace and without waiting for public input, to auction off oil leases there.

If this fire sale proceeds, polar bear cubs could soon be terrorized by massive seismic vehicles or see oil wells from their dens.

We're in court to stop him and will be fighting for this refuge long after he leaves office.

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Just days after inviting oil and gas companies to identify which areas of the refuge's coastal plain they'd like to drill, the administration bypassed the public's chance to object to the leases and announced a fast-tracked date for the sale in early January.

Trump and his greedy friends don't care what the American people want any more than they care about polar bears. Yesterday they issued a draft permit to allow a company to harass polar bears while searching for oil in the refuge.

Selling off this pristine wilderness seems to be one of Trump's biggest goals in his last weeks. So he's breaking the law to green-light drilling while our lawsuits are still playing out in the courts.

Once leases are sold, it will become much harder to keep this treasured landscape from turning into an oilfield.

Polar bears, already on the brink of extinction, will have an even harder time finding food and building dens for their cubs.

We're in court to block this disastrous move. We can't let the administration get away with ruining the Arctic refuge on its way out the door.

You can help us fight with a matched gift to the Saving Life on Earth Fund.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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