Trump's Unjust Executive Order--We're Fighting Back

Trump is using the pandemic as an excuse to weaken laws that protect our air and water.
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Gray wolf

Hi Everyaction,

Just minutes ago we launched a lawsuit against President Trump for illegally ordering federal agencies to waive laws like the Endangered Species Act in order to ram through oil pipelines, mines and other pet projects.

For Trump it's an "emergency" to make sure polluters get what they want. For wildlife and people — all of us depending on clean air and water and a safe place to live — it's an invitation to disaster, a recipe for more death and extinction.

We're not going to stand for it. Please support our effort with a gift to the Saving Life on Earth Fund.

Trump's executive order last week was the latest escalation in his drive to wipe out wildlife, including some of the rarest, to clear the way for corporate profits and reward his rich, powerful friends.

One of his earliest acts as president was to open up Alaska's wildlife refuges for wolf pups to be gassed in their dens.

Then last summer he took an axe to the Endangered Species Act.

Now he's directing agencies to ignore the most fundamental environmental laws protecting wildlife from extinction.

We see this for what it is. Our action today is directed at Trump for violating the Endangered Species Act by ordering the government to fast track bulldozing, clearcutting, mining and drilling projects anywhere and everywhere.

The Trump administration is doubling down on authoritarianism designed to dominate nature at all costs.

It comes from the same dangerous place that also allows kids to be put in cages, white supremacy to flourish, women to be abused, climate agreements to be ripped up, science to be ignored and citizens to be tear-gassed while protesting peacefully on city streets.

The status quo is not just toxic, but dangerous, hateful, cruel and fatal.

It won't stand, and we're fighting it with all we've got.

Please consider a gift to the Saving Life on Earth Fund to help.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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