Trump's Corrupted Science

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No. 32, June 14, 2018

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President Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt keep making the news for their attacks against the science of climate change, pesticides and other environmental threats. It's the latest in a long trend of industry-inspired attempts to lie about science and minimize its impact on corporate profits, as the author of the new book Corrupted Science reveals this week in his exclusive essay for The Revelator.

But here's some science that can't be disputed: Wildlife crossings work. These structures, which help animals cross over or under busy highways, can reduce fatalities for both wildlife and humans. We take a look at the latest of these crossings, which are being built in Washington state after years of debate.

Finally this week we have a powerful new essay that reminds journalists — and all of us — not to look away from issues related to poaching, wildlife trafficking and extinction.

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John R. Platt
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