Trump vs Your Gas Tank (and the Planet)

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No. 51, Oct. 25, 2018

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The Trump administration's freeze of fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks is "the most spectacular regulatory flip-flop in history," according to a former EPA engineer who helped develop new standards in the Obama era. Experts tell us the Trump plan will not only increase the cost of driving, it'll dramatically increase greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about this "dishonest" plan — and how you can help fight it.

In other news, the midterm elections are just a week and a half away. Are you planning on voting? It turns out that millions of people who care about environmental issues don't go to the polls each year. The Environmental Voter Project is working to turn that around.

Finally this week, did you know that the world's last population of Asiatic lions lives in one small area of India? These rare cats have persisted there for centuries, long after they were eradicated in other places. Tragically, two new threats have emerged, including an outbreak of a deadly disease. Will the Indian government step up to solve this problem?

Trick or Treat:

It's the Halloween season, and we've got a whole bunch of scary stories waiting for you in our dungeon — um, I mean archive. (Don't worry, they're actually more "treat" than "trick.")

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John Platt

John R. Platt
Editor, The Revelator

P.S. The environment is on state ballots across the United States. Find your polling station and plan to vote on Nov. 6.

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