Trump Sells Out Whales and Seals for Oil

The administration is willing to sacrifice endangered species to plunder the Arctic for oil.
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Hi Everyaction,

Just days ago, the administration issued what could be a death sentence for up to 14 whales and 11 ice seals.

The reason? So the Liberty offshore drilling island can be built — the first oil development fully within federal Arctic waters.

It's sick to greenlight such a harmful project. This monstrosity must be stopped.

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We went to court to challenge this project when Trump gave it the thumbs up last year, and we'll keep fighting to stop it. This kind of drilling in Arctic waters is a disaster waiting to happen — and will only worsen the climate crisis.

We knew that construction of this oil mega-complex would threaten a suite of Arctic marine mammals, including bowhead whales, ringed seals and bearded seals.

Now we know some of the gruesome details. Not only would the administration let whales and seals be injured and potentially killed if they get in the way, but also expose a sickening amount of wildlife to be disturbed: 26 bowhead whales, 120 beluga whales, 10 grey whales, 411 ringed seals, 62 bearded seals and 62 spotted seals.

The entire project is an incredibly risky proposal. An oil spill in Arctic waters would be impossible to clean up — the nearest Coast Guard station is 1,000 miles away.

As the wildlife extinction emergency worsens, expanding drilling in and polluting the habitat of endangered species is both immoral and illegal.

We can't let Trump and the oil industry take out whales and seals just so they can drill for oil in fragile wildlife habitat.

This is urgent, vital work, and we need you with us.

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For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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