Tribes Have the Right to be Heard on Wolves

Tell Interior Secretary Haaland to meet with tribes on gray wolf protections.
Gray wolf
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Last year the Trump administration prematurely stripped gray wolves of federal Endangered Species Act protection without consulting tribes, as required by law. It’s time to right that wrong.

Urge Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to meet with tribes and restore protections to gray wolves.

More than 120 tribes and Indigenous spiritual leaders have signed the Wolf Treaty, a statement supporting the protection and recovery of wolves, which hold immense cultural significance for many Indigenous cultures. 

Wolves have returned to only a fraction of their historic range. While their populations have increased in some areas of the country, federal protection is still desperately needed to prevent the widespread killing that will prevent their recovery.

Learn more about why wolves matter to tribes, and then write to Secretary Haaland to encourage her to meet with a tribal delegation on wolves.

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Photo of gray wolf by Scott Willey/USFWS.

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