This Dangerous Project Has No Place in North Carolina

Help stop the wood-pellet industry expansion.
Timber harvest
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State regulators are considering a permit for another wood-pellet plant in eastern North Carolina, and we need your help to stop this project.

The proposed plant in Robeson County would call for slashing huge tracts of forest every year. The trees would then be turned into wood pellets for burning in power stations. Meanwhile our precious trees would be gone — and with them the places that we love and wildlife call home.

Urge state regulators to do the right thing and deny this permit to destroy our forests, pollute our air, and worsen the climate crisis.

Robeson County is one of the most frequently flooded areas in North Carolina, so losing its forests would be disastrous.

The county is also besieged already by several other polluting industries — including two landfills, two hazardous-waste sites, two coal-ash sites, a proposed liquefied natural gas plant, and the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Adding this wood-pellet facility would be completely unjust, particularly as Robeson County is predominantly Lumbee and African American.

Take action today to help stop this dangerous project. Now more than ever, we need healthy forests to store carbon, protect us from flooding and storms, and provide clean air and water.

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Photo of timber harvest by Randy Murray/U.S. Army.

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