The Ukraine Crisis Requires Bold Action on Energy

Tell Biden: It’s time to declare a climate emergency and rapidly scale up renewable technologies.
Rooftop solar installation
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The invasion of Ukraine is a stark illustration of how fossil fuels directly enable global conflict and threaten democracy — on top of driving the climate emergency. Dependence on Russian fossil fuel exports emboldened Vladimir Putin and limited the international response to his aggression. 

By banning the import of Russian oil and gas, President Biden has taken a critical first step toward ending U.S. dependency on foreign fossil fuels — but this moment demands even bolder action to secure a peaceful and livable future. 

Biden should use his executive powers under the Defense Production Act to swiftly and equitably ramp up the deployment of renewable energy technologies.

The Act gives the president the authority to rapidly scale up the production and adoption of renewable technologies — such as heat pumps, battery storage, and weatherization technologies — and in so doing, create millions of good-paying jobs and clear the path to clean energy.

Tell Biden he needs to rapidly increase the deployment of green energy — for affordability, for global stability, and for a livable climate.

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