The Time Is Now for Bold Action for Wildlife

Tell Congress to Pass the Extinction Crisis Emergency Act.
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We're in the midst of a global extinction crisis, with the threads of the web of life disintegrating around us. Every hour a species is lost to extinction, and more than a million could disappear in the coming decades.

It's time for Congress to act: Urge your representative to pass the Extinction Crisis Emergency Act.

This legislation would direct President Biden to declare the extinction crisis a national emergency. The declaration, under the National Emergencies Act, would unlock key presidential powers to stem the loss of plants and animals in the United States and beyond.

The Extinction Crisis Emergency Act would also direct the administration to protect hundreds of species on the waiting list for Endangered Species Act protection, curtail wildlife exploitation, and safeguard critical habitat from coast to coast.

We must take bold action before it's too late: Tell your representative to pass the Extinction Crisis Emergency Act.

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