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No. 37, July 19, 2018

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Do we need new ideas to stop poaching and wildlife trafficking? Here's one: The Akashinga ("The Brave Ones"). They're an all-woman, all-vegan team of anti-poaching wildlife rangers — and yes, they're nabbing bad guys at an incredibly fast pace. Read all about this exciting new initiative.

In other news, scientists have now proved rock 'n roll is, in fact, noise pollution. At least, AC/DC's. This might seem like fairly silly research, but it actually has pretty wide-ranging implications for our understanding of which noises affect which beneficial insects — and how that could impact our use of pesticides and other chemicals.

Also this week, as dozens of fires burn across the western half of the United States, we have an important look at how the country fights wildfires. Guess what? We're doing it wrong.

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I recently sat down with the Green Dreamer sustainability podcast to talk about why species extinctions affect us all. Listen to the interview, where we also discuss how to deal with the "doom and gloom" that all too often dominates environmental news.

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The annual TV celebration known as "Shark Week" starts up again on Sunday and, as always, it will likely be a ratings bonanza. Unfortunately, as we discussed last year, many wildlife programs like the ones airing this week aren't very authentic and can actually harm conservation efforts.

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We have a lot more coming your way, including two articles about wildlife trafficking and a look at a rare bird facing an uncertain future.

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