The Last Male Northern White Rhino Has Died

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No. 20, March 22, 2018

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We've got some heartbreaking news to start off the week: The last male northern white rhino died on Monday, leaving the subspecies with just two aging females, neither of which is capable of giving birth. This is the face of extinction, and it's a very rare case where we can see this subspecies die off one by one, with each death feeling more painful than the last.

For more on the threats faced by all rhino species around the world, check out our video.

Here's a threat a bit closer to home: New kinds of disease outbreaks could be coming your way, thanks to climate change and budget cuts by the Trump administration. We mapped out where diseases like dengue fever, plague and the Zika virus are predicted to turn up. Plug in your ZIP code to find out how you could be affected.

Finally this week, we have a profile of efforts to save the EPA. President Trump, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and others want to completely deconstruct this vital environmental agency, but the employees of the EPA aren't going down without a fight.

In case you missed it:

Don't miss our investigation into environmental health problems at the border. Part I reveals how communities in the United States and Mexico are at risk from sewage, pollution and disease. Part II digs deep into two towns on the Arizona border, providing a close-up look at these problems. Stay tuned for Part III in the coming weeks.

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John R. Platt
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