The Extinction Crisis Coming to a Dinner Table Near You

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Wild rice growing in Kathio State Park, Minnesota

No. 172, Feb. 18, 2021

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Wild plants genetically related to our main agricultural crops are vital to the world's food security. But new research finds that more than half of these wild species are at risk of extinction.

Also at risk: sharks and rays. New research shows that these oceanic species have declined by nearly three-quarters since 1970, and industrialized fishing is to blame.

In this age of droughts and extreme storms, stormwater could become an important water source — if we stopped ignoring it.

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We've got a full archive of stories about sharks and rays, covering the threats they face, questions about their conservation, and a whole lot more.

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Here are five more stories we're watching this week.

1. "A Glimpse of America's Future: Climate Change Means Trouble for Power Grids" (The New York Times)

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3. "Researchers Rethink Life in a Cold Climate After Antarctic Find" (The Guardian)

4. "How Whale Songs Can Help Us Explore the Ocean" (Earther)

5. "Oregon Wolves Could Be Expanding Their Range Into California" (OPB)

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Our stories rely on insight from experts, frontline activists and readers around the world — especially these days, when so much seems to be happening so fast. We want to hear from you, so please drop us a line anytime.

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In the days ahead we'll explore unique ecosystems, the fading sounds of nature, the lesser-known effects of climate disasters, and a whole lot more.

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John R. Platt

John R. Platt
Editor, The Revelator


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Photo credit: Wild rice growing in Kathio State Park, Minnesota, by Brett Whaley.

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