The Big, Bold Action We Need to Save the Planet

Help support this bill to ban fracking across the United States.
Fracking protest
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For the first time ever, members of Congress have introduced a comprehensive bill to ban fracking across the United States. This is the big, bold action we need to fight the climate crisis. And for people who live and work near drilling sites, this is the chance to finally break free of fracking's toxic legacy.

Tell your congressional representatives to support this crucial ban on fracking.

Fracking is an extreme form of energy production that blasts toxic chemicals underground to break up rock and release oil and gas. In the process it causes unbelievable harm — poisoning our rivers and groundwater, polluting our air, sickening our children, causing earthquakes, and destroying our public lands and wildlife.

The science is clear and has been for years: A ban on fracking is desperately needed to curb the climate crisis and safeguard the planet for future generations. Yet decision-makers continue to drag their feet.

Act now to tell Congress to ban fracking once and for all. It's long past time to toss this filthy, dangerous activity into the dustbin of history.

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Photo of fracking protest by Joe Brusky/Flickr.

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