Tell Mega-Utility to Take Action on Climate

The Tennessee Valley Authority needs to hear from you.
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Stronger, more destructive hurricanes that bring widespread flooding. Western wildfires producing so much smoke that air quality on the East Coast is compromised. The climate emergency is here and now. Yet, despite talking the talk about environmental stewardship, the Tennessee Valley Authority isn’t walking the walk. This federally owned utility, which is the nation’s largest public power provider, is dragging its feet on cutting emissions and phasing out deadly fossil fuels.  

Tell TVA to step up and respond to the climate emergency by moving rapidly to 100% renewable energy.

When it should be driving a just energy future, the utility is building out more fossil fuel capacity. TVA lacks a roadmap to zero emissions by 2030 and continues to actively obstruct the development of renewable energy. It must put our climate, people and wildlife first by closing the book on fossil fuels. 

Tell the TVA Board of Directors to support a just, equitable transition to 100% renewable energy to tackle the climate crisis.

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