Tell Congress: Stop Utility Shutoffs for Families and Protect Workers

Tell your members of Congress today to include important protections in the next COVID relief package.
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The coronavirus pandemic is taking a terrible toll in the United States. Infection and death rates have surged, and unemployment remains rampant. Millions of families face evictions and having their water, electricity and other utilities shut off during the holidays. Essential workers continue to fall ill, and many are dying because they lack adequate personal protective equipment.

It's past time for Congress to take action.

The Senate continues to be indifferent to the pain of American households. Its proposed compromise COVID relief bill props up special interests, polluters and corporations, not families and frontline workers. That's unacceptable. Congress must pass a comprehensive package that enacts a nationwide moratorium on utility shutoffs and evictions and gives desperately needed help to people across the country. We can't move toward a sustainable energy future without energy justice.

Tell your representative and senators to include these protections in the COVID-19 relief package.

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