Tell Biden: We Need Clean Cars Now

The president’s proposed car standards miss the mark.
Center for     Biological     Diversity   


President Biden recently proposed new clean car standards — but they don't even come close to tackling the climate crisis.   

We need strong rules now, not half-measures.

Riddled with loopholes, Biden's new rules are actually weaker than the decade-old Obama standards for cutting auto pollution. And they rely on unenforceable promises by the same automakers who broke their agreement to follow those Obama standards.  

Our country faces deadly heatwaves, devastating drought, massive wildfires and extreme storms caused by the climate crisis, which is worsened by emissions from gas-powered cars. And the vast amount of pollution produced by cars also harms human health.   

Tell Biden to set ambitious clean car standards that are strong enough to protect people and our climate. We will also submit your message as part of the official comment period for this new rule.

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