Tell Biden to Restore This Bedrock Environmental Law

We need the full power of NEPA now more than ever.
Cimarron Range, Colorado
Center for     Biological     Diversity   


In a shocking attack on his way out the door, Trump gutted the National Environmental Policy Act — a bedrock law designed to ensure a healthy environment and safeguard wildlife for generations to come. Fortunately President Biden has taken the first steps toward restoring NEPA. But in light of the climate crisis and extinction emergency, more needs to be done — and faster.

Will you speak up?

The Biden administration wants to roll back some of the worst of Trump’s changes, which dangerously weakened environmental reviews, removed climate change from the conversation, invited corporations into the decision-making process, and stifled the public’s voice. 

But to fully realize the purpose of this landmark law — which we need now more than ever — all of Trump’s changes must be revoked. 

Tell the Biden administration: Protect our environment, climate and the power of our voices by fully restoring the National Environmental Policy Act as quickly as possible.

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Photo of the Cimarron Range courtesy of Brian VanDenzen.

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