Take Action: Stop Nevada From Pushing Out Mining Permits During COVID-19

Tell Gov. Sisolak: Pause permitting process for dirty mines immediately.
Anaconda Mine pit lake
Center for     Biological     Diversity   


While we're all reeling from the COVID-19 crisis, the state of Nevada is trying to take advantage by pushing through mining permits allowing water pollution.

Tell Gov. Sisolak: Suspend natural-resources permits until the emergency is over.

Just this week the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources released three new water-pollution control permits for dirty mining operations to the public for comment.

Despite pleas to postpone consideration of these permits until the health crisis is under control, Nevada's plowing ahead.

We need to speak up loudly and swiftly. Tell Gov. Sisolak to pause mining permits until the pandemic is under control — and legitimate public participation in the process is possible again.

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Photo of Anaconda Mine pit lake in Yerington by Patrick Donnelly/Center for Biological Diversity.

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