Support California Bill Curbing Exotic Wildlife Trade

And help prevent future pandemics like COVID-19.
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California legislators are poised to vote on a new bill that'll help protect threatened wildlife — both within the state and globally — and reduce the risk of future pandemics.

The COVID-19 outbreak likely started in wildlife and spread to humans via a live market. And this isn't the first time; the majority of infectious diseases are zoonotic.

Tell your state senator to vote yes on the "Wildlife Trafficking and Trade Act" (S.B. 1175).

Whether it's dead animals brought in as trophies or curios, or live animals imported as pets or food, our unsustainable appetite for wildlife is one of the main drivers of the extinction crisis.

This new bill, sponsored by the Center for Biological Diversity and Social Compassion in Legislation, would ban the import and sale of live wild animals that pose a disease risk, as well as the possession of trophy-hunted species such as lions, elephants and rhinos.

Act now to urge your state senator to vote yes on this important and timely new bill. California has long been a trendsetter in environmental protection and is ready to once again lead the way.

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Photo of pangolin by Brett Hartl/Center for Biological Diversity.

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