Stop the Trump Endangered Species Act Rule

Help save this law that saves so many animals and plants from extinction.
leatherback sea turtle
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The Endangered Species Act is the best tool we have to save animals and plants from extinction. But right before it ended, the Trump administration's eleventh-hour proposed rule would undercut protections for endangered species on public lands across the country.

You can help stop this rule and save countless species if you take action now.

If finalized, the rule would allow federal agencies to ignore new scientific information on harms to endangered species, including climate change. That would let agencies carry out destructive logging, drilling, roadbuilding, livestock grazing and other projects — even if new data show that those activities are pushing a rare animal or plant toward extinction.

Tell the Biden administration to drop the Trump proposal and put the protection of public lands, water and wildlife before the profits of special-interest groups.

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Photo of leatherback sea turtle courtesy of NOAA.

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