Stop the Killing of Washington's Wolves

A new wolf kill-order targets the Togo pack.
Togo pack male
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At any moment more wolves in Washington's Togo pack could be gunned down or trapped.

Two years ago the state killed the father of this pack. Now the pack's existence is at stake. Making matters worse, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission, which oversees the state wildlife department, just doubled down on the wolf slaughter by rejecting a petition to change some of its policies.

Tell Washington Gov. Jay Inslee to step in and order a stop to all this wolf killing. The state's mismanagement of wolves is unacceptable and will only mean more deaths.

Killing endangered wolves for conflicts with livestock should be a measure of last resort. But instead the commission has rejected a petition calling on the state to enact transparent rules that'll hold the wildlife department and livestock operators accountable so that appropriate, nonlethal conflict-prevention measures are fully used before considering lethal actions.

Since 2012 the state has killed 31 wolves — including 26 on behalf of the same livestock operation — and has wiped out the Wedge, Profanity Peak, Sherman and Old Profanity Territory packs.

Act now to insist that Gov. Inslee step in so the Togo pack isn't the next to disappear.

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Photo of Togo pack male courtesy Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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