Stop Washington’s Inhumane Black Bear Hunt

Tell decision-makers to end the cruel practice of hunting bears in spring.
Black bear in tree
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Washington is one of only eight states in the nation that still allow a spring black bear hunt.

Speak up now to help stop this inhumane, unscientific practice.

In the spring, when bears come out of hibernation with their cubs, they’re at their most vulnerable. Yet Washington allows hunters to gun them down at this critical time. Bear mothers are killed, leaving orphaned cubs to starve to death or succumb to the elements. 

There’s no valid management purpose or scientific support for this cruel hunt, which is opposed by most Washingtonians. It’s time for state wildlife managers to ban the killing spree. 

Tell the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission to protect black bears by stopping the spring hunt.

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Photo of black bear by ArtTower/Pixabay.

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