Stop Washington's Cruel Wildlife-killing Contests

Tell state wildlife officials to vote yes on a wildlife-killing contest ban.
Coyote pups
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Washington state still allows wildlife-killing contests: cruel, unsporting events where hunters are awarded prizes for killing as many animals as they can in a set amount of time. Hundreds of coyotes have suffered and died in the state's killing contests over the last several years.

Event organizers claim that these contests target "pests," but they fail to recognize the important ecological roles played by hunted animals, such as controlling rodents that may spread disease or damage crops.

Thankfully the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has drafted rules to ban these contests for good. The final step is a vote by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission.

This is where you come in.

Urge the commission to vote yes on the wildlife-killing contest ban. For the greatest impact, please take just one minute to personalize your comment.

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Photo of coyote pups by Tom Talbott/Flickr.

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