Stop Trophy Hunting of Colorado's Rare Cougars

Tell state officials to let these big cats live.
Mountain lion
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Colorado is one of only 13 states that still allow unsporting trophy hunting of cougars — and now it wants to make the killing even easier.

Tell state officials to drop their cruel plan and let cougars live.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife proposes to nearly double the number of cougars that hunters can kill in the Roaring Fork and Eagle river valleys of the state's western slope. Hunters would also be allowed to use electronic calls — mimicking a potential mate or meal — to lure them into the crosshairs. And they could chase cougars with dogs and kill those seeking refuge in trees.

This plan could have catastrophic consequences for these rare cats that already risk collisions with cars, habitat loss and poaching.

Speak up today for Colorado's rare cougars. Tell state officials to drop this harmful plan.

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Photo of mountain lion by CorinnaSt/Pixabay.

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