Stop New Toxic Oil Wells in Contra Costa County

Tell your local officials to reject this dangerous project.
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In the middle of the pandemic, Contra Costa County is about to approve new oil drilling at the edge of a neighborhood.

The oil company wants to drill toxic wells in Brentwood, within 1,100 feet of homes and a half mile from an elementary school where children learn and play. The county has reviewed the application and intends to move forward, unless we push back.

Please take action today and urge the county to reject this dangerous project.

Momentum is building across California for a health buffer of at least 2,500 feet between toxic drilling and all homes, hospitals and schools. We can't lose ground in any community, especially when dirty air has been shown to increase people's risk of dying from COVID-19.

Tell county officials it's time to protect our health and safety, not oil-industry profits. We need a just transition away from fossil fuels.

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Photo of California oil pump by staticantics/Flickr.

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