Stop Dangerous Oil Trains

Tell the Forest Service to deny a right-of-way to the Uinta Basin Railway.
Potential Uinta Basin Railway route
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Proposed new oil trains could lead to the quadrupling of oil and gas extraction in the Uinta Basin, damaging wildlife habitat and creating massive amounts of climate-disrupting pollution. 

Tell the U.S. Forest Service to stop this misguided plan.

Oil trains over a mile and a half long would be routed through a roadless area in the Ashley National Forest. More than 400 streams would be damaged. Ten thousand acres of wildlife habitat would be stripped bare or paved over, including crucial areas pronghorns and mule deer need to survive. In Utah's Emma Park, bulldozers and train traffic would drive imperiled greater sage grouse out of their mating and nesting grounds.

Utah can't afford the dangers of oils trains. Tell the Forest Service to deny the right-of-way permit.

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Photo of potential Uinta Basin Railway route by Ryan Beam/Center for Biological Diversity.

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