Speak Up to Help Save Idaho's Wolves

Stop these bad proposals from turning into lethal law.
Gray wolf
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Wolves in Idaho are facing horrendous new attacks. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is proposing hunting and trapping rules that would be catastrophic for wolves throughout the state — and kill or maim other wildlife and even pets. 

Take action now to stop the killing.

The new proposals would expand wolf hunting and trapping across Idaho, including by establishing a year-round wolf-hunting season that robs wolves of a single moment's respite. The proposals also would allow deadly wolf snares directly adjacent to Yellowstone National Park.

Inhumane traps and snares are a threat to any animals that stumble into them, whether it’s wolves, deer, elk, coyotes, or our pets. Trappers aren’t even required to post warnings about the location of their traps and snares.

Wolves and other native wildlife make Idaho wild and precious. They need your voice now: Tell Fish and Game you strongly oppose these barbaric new rules.

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Photo of gray wolf by Jim Liestman/Flickr.

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