Speak Up for Northern Long-Eared Bats

Help get them protected as endangered to secure the help they desperately need.
Northern long-eared bat
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White-nose syndrome, a deadly bat disease, has killed off almost 99% of northern long-eared bats. Those who survive face a long list of other threats, from logging to development to pesticides. Yet these small, solitary insect-eaters currently only have minimal federal protection — and their habitat has none.

Now is their chance to win the full safeguards they need so urgently.

Thanks to a lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity and allies, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife has proposed upgrading the bats’ Endangered Species Act status from “threatened” to “endangered.” This greater protection would also protect the mature forest habitat the bats depend on.

Tell the Service you’re counting on it to save northern long-eared bats from disappearing forever.

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Photo of northern long-eared bat © J. Scott Altenbach/Bat Conservation International.

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