Speak Up for New York's Imperiled Species

Tell state officials: Increase state protections for species at risk of extinction.
Kentucky warbler
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One million species are at risk of extinction because of human activity. Urgent action is needed to prevent devastating losses over the next few decades. The good news is that New York is taking a step in the right direction.

Wildlife officials have proposed revising the state's outdated list of endangered, threatened and special-concern species to reflect currently available science. The proposal provides new or strengthened protections for 46 species, including the tricolored bat, Kentucky warbler and salamander mussel.

Tell the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation that you're in favor of this lifesaving proposal — and that you also urge it to increase protections for the recently discovered Atlantic Coast leopard frog and the severely declining eastern hellbender.

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Photo of Kentucky warbler by Chris Earley/Flickr.

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