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Help us stop bad bills from turning into lethal law.
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Wolves in Montana are once again being targeted. The legislative session has only just started, and Rep. Paul Fielder, a leader of the Montana Trappers Association, is already working to introduce new bills that will result in a bloodbath for wolves and other wildlife.

Speak up today to protect wolves.

These bills will allow every hunter to kill more wolves, authorize nighttime wolf-hunting, license wolf-killing in combination with licenses to kill other species, lengthen the wolf "harvest" season, and allow cruel snaring. Other dangerous bills Fielder plans to introduce would drastically change wildlife management and hunting and trapping regulations in Montana.

Once introduced, these bills will start out in the House Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee. Join us in calling on Committee Chair Ross Fitzgerald, Vice Chairs Neil Duram and Robert Farris-Olsen, and Gov. Greg Gianforte to stop the bills in their tracks. 

Wolves and other native creatures are what make Montana wild and precious. 

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