Speak Up for Marbled Murrelets

Tell Oregon to give these seabirds a fighting chance.
Marbled murrelet
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This is a moment of truth for imperiled marbled murrelets. On July 9 state wildlife officials will decide whether to increase protections under the Oregon Endangered Species Act for these iconic seabirds. 

You can help: Speak up for marbled murrelets.

Marbled murrelets nest in old-growth forests and forage for food on the ocean. They face many threats to their survival: habitat fragmentation, climate change, ocean warming, predation and large-scale environmental disturbances. They’re extremely vulnerable to changing conditions: A single catastrophic event, like a wildfire, could set them on an irreversible path to extinction.

In 2018 the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission agreed with the Center and our allies that marbled murrelets urgently needed help, and it voted to strengthen their protections. But then it quickly caved to timber-industry pressure and changed its mind. Fortunately the courts are on our side and have required the commission to reconsider its decision. The state has another chance to get it right — and marbled murrelets have new hope for the future. 

Urge the commission to increase protections for these iconic birds.

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Photo of marbled murrelet by Robin Corcoran/USFWS.

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