Speak Up for Endangered Mount Charleston Blue Butterflies

Save Lee Canyon from extreme-sports amusement park plan.
Mount Charleston blue butterfly
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Lee Canyon in the Spring Mountains west of Las Vegas is an irreplaceable alpine oasis. It provides recreational opportunities and habitat for dozens of rare species, including endangered Mount Charleston blue butterflies.

But Utah-based Powdr Corp. and the U.S. Forest Service have finalized plans to turn Lee Canyon into a year-round, extreme-sports amusement park, complete with a roller coaster, zip lines, new parking facilities and a network of downhill mountain-bike trails.

We can't let this habitat-wrecking park get built.

For decades outdoor recreationists and wildlife have coexisted in peaceful Lee Canyon. The park will permanently alter the area's tranquil character and threatens to drive the endangered butterfly to extinction. Despite public opposition to the park, Powdr Corp. and the Service have refused to consider alternative plans that would protect the butterfly and preserve the wild nature of the canyon.

Roller coasters and other amusement park attractions belong on the Las Vegas Strip — not on public lands, and not within the only known habitat of an endangered species.

Tell Powdr Corp. to drop the destructive Lee Canyon Ski Area expansion plan.

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Photo of Mount Charleston blue butterfly by Sky Island/Flickr.

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