Speak Up for Crawdads of the Coalfields

Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that you support proposed protections for coal-country crustaceans.
Big Sandy crayfish
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Endangered Guyandotte River crayfish and threatened Big Sandy crayfish live in the coalfields of Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. They've been lost from most of their historical ranges due to water pollution, primarily from mountaintop removal and other forms of coal mining — but there's new hope for these crustaceans.

After decades of delay, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed robust protections for 446 stream miles of critical habitat for both species. This would protect their homes from coal mining while also improving water quality for people.

The Service is now taking comments from the public on the proposed protections. This is an unprecedented opportunity for us to push back against King Coal and the wave of extinction it's fueling.

The coal industry will fight these protections tooth and nail. That's why we need to speak up loudly and clearly for these imperiled crayfishes.

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Photo of Big Sandy crayfish courtesy USFWS.

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