Say No to a Massive Lithium Mine

Tell the BLM: Reject the Hawkstone Mining proposal.
Yellow-billed cuckoo
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Hawkstone Mining, an Australian mining company, has proposed exploratory drilling as the next step in developing a massive new mine along western Arizona's Big Sandy River. The company's plans to mine lithium across more than 5,000 acres of public land threaten rare species, a revered medicinal spring and local water supplies. 

Tell the Bureau of Land Management to reject this devastating proposal before irreparable harm is done to wildlife, ecosystems and Indigenous sacred sites.

The Big Sandy River provides critical riparian habitat for yellow-billed cuckoos, southwestern willow flycatchers and northern Mexican garter snakes — all protected by the Endangered Species Act. The mine would surround Ha'Kamwe', also known as Cofer Hot Spring, which is a sacred medicinal spring central to the culture and identity of the Hualapai people who call the area home. 

Tell the BLM to protect these life-giving waters by rejecting this mine.

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Photo of yellow-billed cuckoo by James Bass/Flickr.

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