Saving Half the Earth: Join Us for an Earth Day Discussion

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If we're going to halt the wildlife extinction crisis, we have to protect the places where these animals and plants live.

So please join me this Wednesday, April 22, on Earth Day for a special discussion about our ambitious goal of protecting 30% of wildlands and waters by 2030 and half of them by 2050. The presentation will include the Center's Executive Director Kierán Suckling and Public Lands Director Randi Spivak.

The conversation will go for an hour and start at 4 p.m. PT / 7 p.m. ET. Can you make it?

We're excited to bring these weekly Saving Life on Earth webinars to wherever you are. Just because we're almost all homebound doesn't mean we can't dive into our passion for saving wildlife. Each week the Center will convene a small team of experts to discuss some of the more important topics of our times.

This week's conversation will dive into the value of our public lands and waters, the importance of thinking big, and what it'll take to ensure wild animals and plants have long-term protection for the places they call home.

Sign up here for Wednesday's conversation. We'll see you there.

Tierra Curry

Tierra Curry
Senior Scientist
Center for Biological Diversity

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