Saving California Condors — With Puppets

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No. 34, June 28, 2018

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For critically endangered California condors, every chick matters. Captive-breeding and reintroduction programs have saved condors from extinction, but the species has a long way to go before it can be considered recovered. Conservationists still take great care to make sure every egg and chick gets a fighting chance, and that sometimes requires special tools — like condor-shaped hand puppets.

Meanwhile, efforts to conserve a different bird species have turned to a more high-tech tool. Find out how YouTube videos are helping Laysan albatrosses.

On a different note, the past couple of years have seen a major rise in protesting — as well as a rise in legislative attempts to block protest. We spoke with the often-arrested activist Reverend Billy Talen of the Stop Shopping Choir about his protests against Monsanto and ICE, his frequent trips to jail, and why he thinks protests need to be bold.

Speaking of which, don't miss my editorial about the Trump administration's inhumanity — both on immigration and on environmental issues.

Finally this week, here's something different. We've been sharing photos of plastic pollution over on our Facebook page. Check out the nastiness — including a photo I call "The Dipping Sauce of Doom" — and join in with your own photos.

In case you missed it:

Can you guess the most light-polluted cities and metropolitan areas on the planet? We crunched the numbers and the results might surprise you.

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John R. Platt
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