Save the Redwoods of Richardson Grove

Take action to stop the widening of Hwy. 1 in Northern California.
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For more than a decade, the Center and allies have fought a plan to widen a section of Highway 101 running through Richardson Grove State Park in Humboldt County. Richardson Grove is the gateway to Northern California’s redwoods, and it shelters one of the last protected stands of accessible old-growth redwood trees in the world.

Will you speak up today for these iconic trees?

The proposed highway-widening project would cut into and pave over root systems of thousand-year-old trees, causing dieback of the canopy and possible loss of parts of the grove of irreplaceable redwoods. All this would be done just to force oversized trucks up and down the coast. And it’s unnecessary, because other cost-effective and environmentally sound transportation solutions exist. 

Under the Biden administration, we have a new chance to stop the project and explore alternatives. 

Tell U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Caltrans and your state legislators to save the redwoods of Richardson Grove.

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Photo of redwoods in Richardson Grove State Park by Miguel Vieira/Wikimedia Commons.

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