Save the Dixie Valley Toad's Only Home

Tell the Bureau of Land Management to stop the Dixie Meadows geothermal project.
Dixie Valley toad
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The only home of a rare, tiny creature called the Dixie Valley toad is under threat. In a single wetland marsh in Churchill County, Nevada, lives a two-inch-long toad — only discovered in 2017 — whose existence depends entirely on thermal springs that create the marshes it needs to survive.

A proposed geothermal power plant would dry up or substantially alter the flow of those springs, destroying the toad's only habitat and driving it toward extinction. Geothermal power is an important part of our renewable energy transition, but if it contributes to the extinction crisis, it's not truly green.

Tell the Bureau of Land Management to deny the Dixie Meadows geothermal project and save the Dixie Valley toad.

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Photo of Dixie Valley toad by Patrick Donnelly/Center for Biological Diversity.
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